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Corporate governance is a critical issue in business today. Your Board of Directors has a responsibility to shape the future direction of your organization and pave the way for its success.

An effective and well-balanced board can lead an organization through uncertain economic times, rapid technological advancements, and geographical or political change. A poorly appointed or contentious board can devastate an organization.


Cambridge Management Planning understands the importance of the company director's role in shaping the strategic direction of the organization, fulfilling fiduciary and governance responsibilities and ensuring that the right leadership team is in place.

Our senior partners are experts in identifying and attracting top leadership talent that fits the style and culture of your organization. We take the time to thoroughly understand your short and long-term goals, and select only the most qualified and compatible candidates to meet this challenge.

We utilize best practices to verify the credentials and track record of every Board Director candidate, sensitive to potential conflicts of interest, and provide detailed skill and character assessments for each, to give you a clear overview of the field.

Personal involvement and communication are the foundation of our success in search. We keep you apprised of our progress throughout every phase of the search process.


Aerospace & Technology
Associations/Not for Profit
Consumer Products
Energy & Utilities
Financial Services
Media & Entertainment
Real Estate

Finding the right individual for your organization can be one of the most difficult and important challenges you face as a hiring decision maker.  Cambridge can help you identify, locate and recruit the right candidate for your organization.


Cambridge Management Planning in Toronto has been providing client-focused executive search services across Canada and internationally since 1976. We take the time to understand each client's strategic direction to provide informed, objective assistance that fits the character and goals of the organization.

Working in partnership with our clients, we add value, achieve performance improvement objectives and improve profitability.

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