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Succession Roulette
One of the few things you can depend on in business today is employee turnover, yet almost 50% of Canadian organizations are playing Russian Roulette, or more aptly ‘Succession Roulette’, by allowing critical roles to remain without succession plans at a time when knowledge and experience are in short supply.
Can Technology Replace Expertise?
From the introduction of the Internet to job posting sites, to CRMs and applicant management systems, to social and professional networking sites, new technologies are continually being introduced to assist companies in finding the best talent. Which leads many to ask the question: Why use an Executive Search firm when we have all these great new tools to do it ourselves?
The New Diversity (2.0)
Imagine a research study where the subject group was completely homogenous in background, culture, ethnicity, age, gender, biology, education and experience. How broadly useful would the results be? Chances are, not very. Yet surprisingly, that is exactly what many organizations do when they hire.
The Value of Hiring 'A' Players
Steve Jobs was right... 'A' Players hire 'A' Players, 'B' Players hire 'C' Players. Truly outstanding leaders are simply less likely to feel threatened by successful subordinates, and therefore, are more likely to hire other ‘A’ Players. As a result, companies that hire ‘A’ Players are more likely to be successful.
Focusing Your Executive Search
So, you need a new CFO. Does your job profile provide a real focus on priorities for the position? Or does it simply fall back on calling for a combination of Superman, Mahatma Gandhi and Winston Churchill with an accounting degree? Our experts offer clarity.
Avoid 'Reactive Hiring' Problems
Many organizations make the common mistake of waiting until they have a specific requirement to swing into hiring mode. By then, it may be too late to take advantage of the best candidates, and you could be tempted to cut corners in the process to get a critical role filled.
Create a Functional Hiring Committee
A functional and effective Selection/Hiring Committee understands the organization’s vision and the position mandate, communicates well and works together efficiently to find the candidate who will best fit their culture and be successful in the role.
Contingency vs. Retained Search
A comparison of Contingency vs. Retained search
Are You Asking the Right Questions?
When it comes to recruiting top talent, most organizations now rely on a mix of internal recruitment and executive search, in order to take advantage of the search firm's larger network, broader perspective and/or objective expertise. But hiring an executive search firm doesn't mean losing control over the process, and there are several ways to ensure you're getting the maximum return for your search investment.
Get More Value For Your Executive Search Investment
Hiring an executive search firm to secure the right individual for your organization is a significant investment, but one that can pay enormous dividends if conducted effectively. Many organizations take a hands-off approach when working with search firms, which can have negative, long-term consequences, including poor performance, wasted search dollars, and even damage to the company’s reputation. You can maximize the return on your search investment by taking a few proactive steps.
'Wink Wink' Leadership
The business community pays heavily for the actions of the few bad apples, who through unchecked success, bureaucratic training, arrogance or naiveté, fall into the trap of ‘wink wink’ leadership.
Beware the Talent 'Myth'
Headlines heralding the rapid evolution towards a knowledge-based economy, the exodus of top talent to other countries, and an aging workforce are generating talk of a next wave in the ‘War for Talent’.
The Preferred Vendor Process: Who Really Benefits?
Just about everyone has a colleague or friend who doggedly and unsuccessfully juggles two or three electronic gizmos designed to simplify our lives, but misses the obvious irony. As an executive search firm whose focus is on providing high quality leadership and talent management consulting, we feel the Preferred Vendor process suffers from the same faulty logic when applied to executive search.

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